The Vision of the TriCal Group is to promote the most beneficial soil environment for growers to produce healthy, bountiful crops that feed the world.
The Vision of the TriCal Group is to promote the most beneficial soil environment for growers to produce healthy, bountiful crops that feed the world.


We view sustainability as a practical balance of maximizing grower operations, with targeted solutions that provide benefits today, while keeping an eye towards the future.

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Many common soil-borne issues can be managed with soil fumigation. Soil fumigation leads to soil health and healthy root systems where plants are able to maximize their water and nutrient use and grow to full yield potential.

Tailored disease control. Precision application system maximizes yield and quality. Eco-friendly approach enhances soil biology, boosting productivity. Results-driven and sustainable farming.
Chloropicrin +
Soil Health
Chloropicrin's Evolution. Driven by research, Chloropicrin revolutionizes bare ground systems, controlling diseases, boosting yields, and enhancing soil health. A sustainable path toward higher quality, higher yield farming.
Savage Farms +
Chloropicrin Success Story
Chloropicrin's selective efficacy transforms yields and sustainability. Collaborative approach enhances soil health, boosts nutrient absorption, and maximizes profits. Data-driven, hands-on success for growers.
Chloropicrin Soil Fumigant Overview
Unlocking Vibrant Harvest: Harness the Power of Chloropicrin-Based Soil Conditioning from TriCal Group. Tailored treatments optimize soil health, combat pest, and nurture beneficial microbes. Elevate your farm's success with healthier fields and bountiful yields. Contact us today to cultivate a thriving future for your crops.

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Our Aghub has the latest research, videos and articles on modern agronomy. Watch the latest video below as an example of the latest news in agriculture.

Jalapeno Trial, Clinton NC

ur Director of Agronomy, Josh Mays, was back out in the field at the end of May checking on a jalapeno field trial in Clinton, NC. In this video he's highlighting the difference in growth and uniformity seen in this field and why it matters.

What is Aghub?

Our Aghub has the latest research, videos and articles on topics such as:

  • Soil Borne Diseases
  • Agricultural Trends & Economic Impact
  • Soil Health & Sustainability
  • Nematodes
  • Pre-plant Soil Fumigation
  • Fertility & Crop Nutrition
  • Post-plant Crop Protection
  • Irrigation
  • Grafted Plants
  • Soil/Plant Testing & Diagnostics

Our Family of Companies

TriCal Inc.

TriCal Diagnostics

Trident Ag

TriEst Ag

Trinity Mfg.

Tri-Tech Ag

Reddick Equipment

Cardinal Pro Products

Cardinal Safety Supply

Liberty Acres

Liberty Acres

Teleos Ag Solutions

Ajwa Analytical Labs

Landmark Irrigation

A Couple of our Soil Fumigation Brands

TriClor formulations are Chloropicrin-based products to manage soil borne pests and pathogens in orchards: prunus, citrus, vineyard.
TriClor formulations are Chloropicrin-based products to manage soil borne pests and pathogens in orchards: prunus, citrus, vineyard.


Douglas Ag
Canadian-based distributor and soil fume applicator, specializing in ginseng, potatoes, carrots, and tobacco.
TriCal Australia
Specializing in the supply of fumigation chemicals, application equipment, and services to the Australian agriculture sector.
TriCal Peru
Providing soil-based pathogen support to growers in Peru.
Hendrix & Dail Central America
Based in Honduras and serving all of Central America with soil fumigant sales and services.
SIS Centro Seia
A joint venture in Italy to expand plant grafting throughout the Mediterranean region.
Trical Argentina
An agricultural support services partnership between Trical and ABC based out of Buenos Aires.
Trical Crop Protection Africa
Importer of soil fumigants from the U.S. for sale to applicators in South Africa to help growers control soil-borne pests and diseases.
Trical de Baja
Specializing in the distribution and application of insecticides and fumigants throughout the Baja, Sinaloa, Jalisco, and Michoacan regions of Mexico.
Trical SudAmerica
Based in Chile and helping South American growers with soil-based disease and pest management.
BA joint venture between Trical and SIS in Italy with a focus on soil protection and health.
International distributor of Trical Group products, leading global initiatives in Business Development, Product Stewardship, and Research & Development.


  • Soil Conditioning & Fumigation
  • Soil Health & Pest Management
  • Grafted Plants
  • Plant Nutrition & Liquid Fertilizers
  • Structural and Food Pest Management
  • Plant & Soil Disease Diagnostics
  • Agriculture Equipment
  • Safety Supplies
  • Agriculture Irrigation

Servicing the industry around the world.

The TriCal Group is a privately-held family of Companies and Worldwide Subsidiaries with a presence in the Americas, Western Europe & the Mediterranean, Australia, New Zealand, Africa, and developments in Japan, China, and Southeast Asia.

The TriCal Group was the first company to commercially mechanize soil fumigation to help farmers save land from crop-destroying pests and pathogens and continues to lead with innovative solutions for growers:

GPS Precision Treatment

Steam Field Disinfestation


Totally Impermeable Films

Custom Irrigation

Our Core Values

We always start with Safety

From the beginning we teamed entomology and plant pathology with chemical science to find safe effective solutions; today we work closely with EPA, USDA, State Departments of Pesticide Regulations, individual county ag commissioners, and our farmers and customers to make sure we preserve land, health, and the environment.

Innovation and R&D sets us apart

We register, defend, manufacture, package, distribute, and apply custom fumigant blends, specialized treatment applications, and other cutting edge growing solutions such as precision irrigation, fertigation, and plant-grafting.

Trust keeps us in business

Close personal relationships are the backbone of our company and how we do business; as a private family-owned company, we are in it for the long haul - success for our growers and customers means success for us.



Encouraging research by offering financial assistance to graduate and post-graduate students who have demonstrated interest in soil-borne diseases and their control.

The Storkan Foundation, in honor of Richard Storkan - former President of TriCal, Inc., was founded in 1987 to encourage graduate research on soil-borne diseases. The name was later changed to The Storkan-Hanes-McCaslin Research Foundation in honor of the three founding members of TriCal: aforementioned Storkan, Jerry Hanes, and Bob McCaslin. The Foundation was created to further the work of the three founders who were always willing to provide time, money, fumigants, and equipment to further research in soil diseases.

The Foundation grants awards on a yearly basis. As of 2023, the Foundation has awarded a total of $628,500 to 92 students across the United States and Canada. In addition to the cash awards, the Foundation supplies airfare each year for the newly elected Fellows of the Storkan-Hanes-McCaslin Foundation, to attend the annual American Phytopathological Society (APS) meeting.

To learn more about past winners and their research, visit: Giving Back - TriCal, Inc.